Date: August 18th 2017

New issue of the journal Internet Histories is now out! In issue 1(3) you'll find the following articles:

What is “internet”? The case for the proper noun and why it is important
Morten Bay

When search engines stopped being human: menu interfaces and the rise of the ideological nature of algorithmic search
Niels Kerssens--OPEN ACCESS

Towards a nonlinear, material history of digital swarms
Alberto Micali

Infonie: a forced conversion to the Internet (1995–2000)
Stéphanie Le Gallic

Conversations with a pioneer: Paul Baran in his own words
Morten Bay

You can find more information about all the articles here

Please also consider submitting an article to the journal, more information about submission can be found here We are already now planning issue 2(1) and we would very much like to have more submissions for this issue within the next 1-2 months.

-Niels Brügger

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