Date: October 22nd 2017

VIEW Journal & EUscreen announce:

(1) VIEW Journal’s Latest Issue: History of Commercial and Private Television
(2) Call for Papers: Using Television’s Material Heritage (deadline: January 15, 2018)
(3) Call for Papers: Public Service Broadcasting In The Digital Age
(4) Open Call


(1) VIEW Journal’s Latest Issue: History of Commercial and Private Television
The history of European televisions’ commercialization is interesting and complex. VIEW’s 11th issue, co-edited by Luca Barra, Christoph Classen and Sonja de Leeuw, helps deepen our understanding of how the commercialization of television has shaped media culture in Europe. Find the table of contents below or go straight to the issue at

(2) Call for Papers: Using Television’s Material Heritage
Co-edited by John Ellis and Dana Mustata.
Brief: The medium of television is responsible for a huge accumulation of redundant objects.This raises various questions, from practical to historiographical and methodological ones. What are we to do with this accumulation of objects, many of which are not easily recycled?
Deadline for Abstracts: January 15, 2018. More info:

(3) Call for papers: Public Service Broadcasting In The Digital Age
Co-edited by Mette Charis Buchman, Jérôme Bourdon, and Peter B. Kaufman.
Brief: This special issue proposes a reexamination of public service broadcasting in the light of the most recent technological, political and economic developments. The question of their survival has been posed again and again. The need for a redefinition seems inevitable.
Deadline for proposals: May 1st, 2018. More info:

(4) Open Call for Article Proposals
Brief: VIEW Journal invites scholars and audiovisual archivists to submit proposals for topics that may be incorporated in ongoing journal issues. We encourage you to use this “General Call for Speakers” to provide suggestions for articles and audiovisual essays, as well as other forms of reflective thought. More info:


Issue 11: Table of Contents

* Editorial - Luca Barra, Christoph Classen, Sonja de Leeuw

-- Discoveries --

* East Meets West: The Cultural History of Television in Bulgaria - Elza Ibroscheva, Maria Raicheva-Stover
* A Slippery Slope: The Rise and Fall of the Domestic Soap Opera in Italian Public and Commercial Television - Daniela Cardini
* Canal+ Spain & Live Football Broadcasts: A Whole Different Game - Vicente Rodríguez Ortega, Rubén Romero Santos
* TV Commercials' Second Life: Commercials as Remembrance Culture in the Netherlands - Krystyna Biernawska
* ‘Remember, it’s just television’: Rubicon TV and the Commercialisation of Norwegian Television - Vilde Schanke Sundet, Eva Bakøy

-- Explorations --

* 'The growing practice of calling in continental film groups': the European influence on production of early British TV advertising - Alison Jane Payne
* Russia’s STS Television Network: A Cultural Window to the West - Jeffrey Raymond Brassard
* I Want My MTV, We Want Our TMF: The Music Factory, MTV Europe, and Music Television in the Netherlands, 1995-2011 - Jaap Kooijman
* From PSB to Privatisation: Structures and Vulnerabilities of the Greek-Cypriot Broadcasting Sector - Theodora Maniou
* The Winding Road on the Media Landscape: The Establishment of Estonian (Television) Broadcasting between 1992 and 2016 - Andres Jõesaar

Kind regards,

Evelien Wolda
Project assistant R&D
Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision

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