Date: December 9th 2017

*CfP - II Conference on Historical Game Studies*
*(Madrid, Universidad Complutense)*




The Cultural Theory and History Seminar (Department of Modern and Contemporary History, Universidad Complutense de Madrid) proudly announces the 2^nd edition of its Conference on Historical Game Studies. Following the footsteps of the first edition, we want the Conference to become a space for the criticism and reflection on computer games with historical themes. The first Conference, whose excellent reception has motivated the continuation of the project, was recorded in video and can be watched on Youtube (channel: Seminario Historia y Teoría Cultura ShyTC)

*Historical game studies as a new discipline:*

Although relatively young, video games constitute a powerful mass communication and consuption medium that has generated ways of representing the past which challenge traditional forms of making and consuming history. However, their content and politics of representation are still under the influence of different historiographical schools, popular history and collective memory. Furthermore, the interactive nature of games allows the exploration of historical events and processes in unprecedent ways. On the other hand, design, production and distribution pressures that characterize the industrial logics of the medium inevitably shape the historical content of the products and generate tensions between their ludic goals and authentic depictions of the past. This goes in adition to the strong ideological background of the video game as a cultural artefact. Finally, the multiple ways of consumption that emanate from different types of players and expressed in related media contri
bute to diversify and democratize our shared pasts. Each and one of these topics are worth the attention of researchers, who have been gathering for the last half decade under the /historical game studies /label. Coming from disparate areas such as History, Philosophy, and Media Studies (to cite a few examples), their different approaches have made /historical game studies /a truly multidisciplinar field.

*Call for Papers: *

The Second Conference on Historical Game Studies will preserve the same objectives as its predecessor. Its main goal is to provide a space for the discussion, dissemination and generation of collective knowledge about digital remediations of the past in entertainment software.

However, this time we are launching an open Call for Papers to every researcher and developer who is willing to share his work and experience dealing with historical videogames. We understand the medium as a cultural artefact whose ludonarrative content is subject to logics of both production and reception.


We propose the following lines of inquiry, although we are open to more perspectives:

Sociological and antrhopological perspectives:

-Consuming practices (online communities, user generated content, modding, streaming…)

-Historical videogames and identities (gender, sexuality, ethnicity, class…)

Historiographical and /media studies/ perspectives:

-Historical ludonarrative analysis: hegemony and subversion in the digital historical discourse.

-Historical games related to popular and public representations of the past.

Design and production perspectives:

-Design patterns in the videogame industry related to the ludic remediation of the past.

-Alternative playful remediations of the past – the /indie/ panorama.


-Reception of proposals: Title, abstract (200 words tops). January 28, 2018.

-Announcement of accepted proposals. February 11, 2018.

-Conference holding. April 13, 2018. Faculty of Geography and History, Universidad Complutense de Madrid (c/ Profesor Aranguren s/n, Ciudad Universitaria, 28040, Madrid, Spain)

Those interested in actively participating in the Conference will send an email with their names, institution and the proposal to <>;.

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